• Karen MB

Online Tuition and Coronavirus.

In these uncertain times it can be difficult to know how best to help your child continue with his or her learning. One-to-one support is ideal, but not necessarily practical when we are in a social distancing or even self-isolating situation. A small interruption in your child's learning is unlikely to cause major problems in terms of their overall exam outcomes, but a longer disruption -- such as we are potentially facing now -- is a different matter.

I have now switched to online tuition and I am finding that it works exceptionally well. The technology I am using enables students to see and hear me; to share work in realtime and edit that work; to view and interact with resources and worksheets and to converse on camera if they wish, or use a text 'chatbox' if that is more to their liking.

If you are concerned about your child's progress, or you are looking for additional support due to school closure, or you have decided to home-educate, I may be able to help. Please get in touch.

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