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School's Out for Summer!

So now that the schools have broken up for the holidays it's raining. Some things never change. But there is one change you can make. If you have come out of your child's parent evening, or have just received their end of year report and feel things are not quite where they should be, change something.

In my experience, half-terms and long school holidays are a magical time when students' brains sometimes miraculously process all that information they couldn't quite assimilate during term time. The quadratic formula suddenly makes sense; they remember how to spell and punctuate those awkward sentences.

A break is necessary. School can be stressful - especially years 10 and 11 - and so great and relaxation (and brain processing time are important. But so is exercising the brain. What do I recommend my students do over the holidays? Read, read and read some more. If you are a slow reader, use the opportunity to really get to grips with those set texts while the pressure is off. But also read other quality literature; it will expand your vocabulary, improve your spelling and, if you pay attention, help you to improve your own writing and story-telling technique. Call me old fashioned, but what is more relaxing than a good book and a cup of something warm?

Of course, if you are very concerned about your child not reaching the level they need to progress in their chosen field/direction, private tutoring is always an option. If you are considering tuition for your child, do not leave it until the beginning of term to arrange; many tutors will be fully booked by then, or at least have limited slots available. The sooner you sort it, the quicker you can relax, knowing that your child will be one step closer to achieving their ambitions and hopefully feeling more positive about the year ahead.

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