• Karen MB

Sweetness, Sums and Sorrow....

One of my longer-term students has finally finished her learning journey with me. I am so pleased to have had the privilege to tutor her for the last eighteen months and watch her confidence grow.

These moments are always a mixture of happiness and sadness. I am happy that she is now at the start of the next stage of her life; I am absolutely certain she will be perfect or her chosen career. But I have had so much fun tutoring her it almost makes me want to reconsider allocating some space for maths students again.

Generally I am over-run with requests for English Language tuition, followed closely by English Literature tuition and I decided last year that I would stop accepting new students for maths. But now I am wavering; maths can be so much fun!

Decisions, decisions.....

While I ponder what to do, here is a photo of the beautiful flowers I received as a thank you:

I love my job!

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