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Treading Softly

Gentle Steps Along the Path to Personalised Learning


I’ve decided to write an occasional blog. I can’t promise to write regularly -- life, work and well, more work don’t always permit the luxury of free time and more importantly, free headspace.

But sometimes I come across articles, podcasts, blogs and talks that move me, motivate me or inspire me in some way or other and I feel I ought to share them. Often, they are well-known gems that can never be revisited too often; sometimes I stumble across little nuggets of brilliance that perhaps have not been so widely disseminated, but perhaps should be. In either case, I thought that this might be a good place to share them with you.

So here is my first:

If you have never seen a talk given by Sir Ken Robinson, now is the time to put that right. He is an exceptionally engaging speaker, and very funny too. In fact, this particular talk is, according to Wikipedia, the most viewed TED talk of all time. Quite a feat!

If you want to find out a bit more about Ken Robinson, here is his Wikipedia entry:

If you want to see more of his public speaking, there are two further TED talks you might like to watch:


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